Chris Chong Chan Fui: Black Box Block B

When 16 Aug 2010
Where Hirschhorn Museum
1 Independence Ave, SW
Washington, DC 20560
United States
Enquiry 203.633.4674

Block B, 2008, film still.  Courtesy of the artist and Hirschhorn Museum Washington D.C.

April 19 – August 1 2010

Press Release:

Chris Chong Chan Fui (b. 1982, Borneo, Malaysia) lives and works in Kuala Lumpur, and is the first Malaysian artist to present work at the Hirshhorn. In “BLOCK B,” (2008), a motionless camera watches night and day as dramas unfold on the various floors of a massive apartment complex in Malaysia. Chong captures this home to Indian expatriates working on temporary contracts, as if it is a documentary, with no special effects or lighting. He directs the viewers’ focus to realistic details within this fictionalized microcosm of urban humanity via imaginary voice-overs.

The architecture of the site and Chong’s static, formal cinematography offer a striking counterpoint to the vivid, unpredictable narratives. “BLOCK B” suggests issues related to surveillance and voyeurism, but also compellingly evokes the context, texture and dramatic elements that comprise the fabric of daily life.

Produced as a short film, “BLOCK B” has won awards at international film festivals. Chong also makes feature films and created “HEAVENHELL,” (2009), a major audio visual installation which premiered at the  International Festival of Arts and Media in Yokohama, Japan, and is based on influential Japanese filmmaker Akira Kurosawa’s  film “High and Low,” (1963).

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