Color Corrupted

When 15 Mar 2013 - 5 Apr 2013
Where Calico
67 West St., #206
Brooklyn, NY, NY 11211
United States
Enquiry (347) 450-MEOW

March 15 – April 5 2013
Opening Reception: March 15, 7-9pm

Press Release:

featuring works by Hyun Jung Cho, Alicia DeBrincat, LJ Lindhurst, and Wilson Parry

Someone once said that fashion designer Stephen Burrows “stretches a rainbow over the body.” In the spirit of that metaphor, one could say that Hyun Jung Cho, Alicia DeBrincat, LJ Lindhurst, and Wilson Parry stretch a rainbow over whatever they create. Color is a force they gladly reckon with. They couldn’t imagine life without this vibrancy. They are…COLOR CORRUPTED!

Hyun Jung Cho repurposes found objects and cultural ephemera such as tires, guitar picks, and chains and transforms them into fresh, unfamiliar objects. She often inscribes her work with catchy phrases of her own devising; her use of text evokes the vaguely familiar feeling of repeated slogans or song lyrics you might encounter and half-ignore while walking around the city.

Alicia DeBrincat paints a colorful rabble of characters gleefully misbehaving. Whether their intentions are benevolent or sinister is hard to gauge as they willfully violate boundaries of personal space and appropriate social interaction.

LJ Lindhurst’s photorealist paintings combine a surgeon’s eye for detail with a sensuous delight in the colors and textures of our culture’s candy-colored ephemera. From squirt guns to foil-covered chocolate bunnies, the detritus of our culture never looked so sexy.

Wilson Parry’s sculptures question the cultural associations that we attach to raw materials. Uniting supposedly unlikely bedfellows such as velvet, found industrial scrap metal, disco mirrors, and cast plaster, he sculpts unpredictable objects that are at once radiant, uncanny, and beguilingly lifelike.

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