Elongated Shadows

When 5 Sep 2020 - 24 Oct 2020
Where apexart
291 Church Street
New York, NY 10013
United States

Elongated Shadows is a multimedia exhibition examining the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, from the viewpoint of both the Americans who were behind the research and detonation of the bombs, and the Japanese civilians who were victimized in the infamous attacks.

Two of the exhibition’s artists, Kei Ito and Yukiyo Kawano, are third generation hibakusha, survivors of the atomic bombings. Through their work, they reflect upon their grandparents’ experiences in an effort to better understand their own inherited trauma and the unknown impact of radiation across generations. The three additional artists have ties to the American side of the conflict. Suzanne Hodes has an intimate connection to the bombings as the wife one of the lead scientists who contributed to the creation of the bomb with the Manhattan Project. Andrew Paul Keiper and Ari Beser are both separated from the conflict by a generation. Keiper’s grandfather was an engineer for the Manhattan Project and Beser’s grandfather was the only person to fly on both the flights that dropped atomic bombs in Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Planned for the 75th year anniversary of the bombings, the exhibition revisits one of the biggest catastrophes of human history in an effort to encourage a more measured response to current nuclear tensions. Elongated Shadows reveals the true impact of nuclear bombs. Gathering artists forever connected by tragedy, it prompts reflection on themes of forgiveness, identity, and heritage.

Liz Faust is a Curator and Professor focusing on contemporary art that acts as a catalyst in its community and beyond. Faust received her MFA in Curatorial Practice at the Maryland Institute College of Art where she currently teaches. Her interests in radical contemporary art led to the chief curator position at Catalyst Contemporary Gallery in Baltimore where she welcomes both local and national artists who focus on storytelling and emotive connections. Her recent independent curation includes Times of Perception at Stevenson University, Flightless Cranes at Baltimore City Hall, and the Gun Show at the Contemporary Art Museum of Raleigh.

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Image courtesy of the event organizer.