FOLD: Golden Venture Paper Sculptures

When 5 Oct 2016
Where Museum of Chinese in America
215 Centre Street
New York, NY 10013
United States

The journey of the Golden Venture passengers unfolded in the context of their representation by the media on June 6, 1993– news footage of Chinese immigrants who had been at sea for months leaping from a 150-foot cargo ship that ran aground on Rockaway Beach, and images of their rescue, were mobilized by the media and political commentators, to situate this incident in relation to events, such as the first World Trade Center attack and the Oklahoma City bombing, that created anxiety around national security threats and borders.

FOLD: Golden Venture Paper Sculptures presents a conversation about immigration issues by telling the story of the passengers: 282 undocumented Chinese immigrants and asylum seekers, who were taken into custody and detained at York County Prison. While waiting for uncertain legal outcomes, they practiced the traditional Chinese folk art of paper folding and made over 10,000 meticulously folded paper sculptures, including caged birds, American eagles, and the Statue of Liberty.

Selected from MOCA’s collection, over forty sculptures collectively created by the immigrants while detained between 1993 and 1997 at York County Prison will be on display. Through the poetics of these artworks, archival materials, and recently recorded oral history interviews with many of the immigrants and their supporters, the exhibition will also provide multiple perspectives on the attainment of the American Dream, while shedding light on current immigration policies and control practices. FOLD: Golden Venture Paper Sculptures is on view October 5, 2017 through March 25, 2018.

Photo courtesy of the organiser/s

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