Homing: Hung Tzu Ni

When 7 Feb 2020 - 7 May 2020
San Francisco, CA 94108
United States

[Chinese Culture Center is temporarily closed between March 17 and April 7, 2020. Please check the organizer's website for up-to-date information.]

Chinese Culture Center (CCC) presents a solo exhibition by Taiwanese installation artist Hung Tzu Ni that reflects, resonates and responds to the unique confines of the CCC gallery space as well as the disposition of Chinatown, San Francisco and surrounding neighborhoods.

Hung is an installation artist based in Taiwan whose work explores the reciprocal relationship formed between light and sound, and pushes the boundaries of sound and visual arts. Through Hung’s compelling approach to acoustic-based practices, the exhibition explores the essence of familiar spaces, transporting one’s sense of place and time through a form of architectural intervention.

Homing refers to an animal with the ability to return home and a device that has the precision to arrive at destination. Hung’s work suggests a point of entry, exit, and return, raising the question of how our temporal selves continuously refine and define our “home.”

A temporal approach to a changing city, neighborhood, and interior space, can question how increased self-awareness within our environment contribute to a global experience of time. By exploring the way time and sound create atmosphere, Hung adapts the gallery’s four distinct but interrelated bays into experiences of time-space.  In each division of the gallery, segregated timelines, loops, and soundtracks results in a syncopation that signals a time away from time, body away from body and home away from home. Hung uses light paths, architectural conditions, and sound as materials to construct points, lines, and surfaces. Communing with the immersion reveals for visitors an experience of spatial reorientation and temporal assimilation.

Image courtesy of the event organizer.

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