Dynasty, An Exhibition Modeled On The Dynamics of Multigenerational Families

When 31 Jan 2013 - 20 Apr 2013
Where Hotel Particulier
6 Grand Street
New York, NY 10013
United States
Enquiry 646-329-6341

January 31 – April 20 2013
Opening on Thursday, January 31 2013, 7-9pm

Press Release:

Artists: Becca Albee, Ali Banisadr, Gregory Crane, Sean Fader, Ethan Greenbaum, Peter Hristoff, Kristen Jensen, Liz Magic Laser, Greg Lindquist, Pooneh Maghazehe, Pat Mason, Mary Mattingly, Tom McGrath, Naomi Miller, Martin Murphy, Nikki Reisman, Steven Rose, Jose Ruiz, Matthew Schrader, S.G. Schell, Aaron Spangler, Sandra Vasquez De La Horra, Dick Wickman, Kristof Wickman, Andrew Norman Wilson, Bryan Zanisnik.

Curated by Amy Goldrich, Christopher K. Ho, Omar Lopez-Chahoud, and Sara Reisman.

Hotel Particulier is pleased to present DYNASTY, on view from January 31 to April 20, 2013, an exhibition modeled on the cross-generational dynamics of families. The curators created a fictional family: Sara Reisman “married” Christopher K. Ho, and Reisman’s “sister” Amy Goldrich “married” Omar Lopez-Chahoud. Each couple then bequeathed their primary asset – the gallery space itself – to artist-children.

Seven artists comprise the first generation: Sean Fader, Nikki Reisman, Jose Ruiz, Matthew Schrader, and Kristof Wickman (invited by Ho and Reisman), as well as Liz Magic Laser and Ali Banisadr (invited by Goldrich and Lopez-Chahoud). Magic Laser partnered with Becca Albee to collaborate in a single project, while Banisadr invited artists who inspire him: Gregory Crane, Peter Hristoff, Pooneh Maghazehe, Pat Mason, Tom McGrath, Aaron Spangler, and Sandra Vazques De La Horra. Fader opted to collaborate with Naomi Miller, Schrader shared his space with S.G. Schell, and Wickman bequeathed his space with Ethan Greenbaum, Kristen Jensen, Martin Murphy, Steven Rose, Andrew Norman Wilson, Bryan Zanisnik, and his father Dick Wickman.

The exhibition includes performances addressing familial and filial relations, creative influence, and the evolution, growth, distribution, and consumption of ideas and objects over generations and time. Taking place at Hotel Particulier is Mary Mattingly and Greg Lindquist’s midnight dinner based on Gordon Matta-Clark’s restaurant Food, a gathering spot for a diverse “family” of artists in the ‘70s. Other performances include Sean Fader and Naomi Miller’s blind dating service; Andrew Norman Wilson’s Lie Down Comedy; and Bryan Zanisnik’s piece involving his biological parents.

DYNASTY revisits a 2006 exhibition organized by the same curators. The 2013 edition coincides with the grand opening of Hotel Particulier, a salon space promoting conversation and disciplinary cross-pollination, especially between art, food, and design. The space devotes several months at a time to a theme and coordinates exhibitions, events, and conversations around the theme. The inaugural theme “I do (K)not” looks at marriage as an institution that de facto regulates both domestic and public space.

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