Hyo Jin Kim/Hyung Su Kim: Madame Freedom

When 2 Oct 2014 - 5 Oct 2014
631 West @nd Street
Los Angeles, CA 90012
United States
Enquiry (213) 237-2800
U.S. Premiere

The Seoul-based video and performance collaborators who awed audiences at the 2013 Edinburgh International Festival, now present the U.S. premiere of their immersive Madame Freedom at REDCAT. A stirring fusion of live interactive dance and a sumptuous media installation that incorporates black-and-white footage from a famous 1956 Korean melodrama Jayu buin (Madame Freedom), this stage collaboration looks to the historical struggle of Korean women to break free of the social, economic and political constraints of yesteryear as it considers the uneasy contemporary legacy of hard-won changes nearly 60 years later. Today’s Madame Freedom is a rumination on identity, myth, and the tension between dreams and the burdens of the past. Choreographed by Hyo Jin Kim, who co-directs the production with Hyung Su Kim.

Photo courtesy of the organiser/s

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