Hyun-Su Park: Recent Paintings

When 4 Sep 2012 - 29 Sep 2012
Where Sandara Lee Gallery
251 Post Street
San Francisco, CA 94108
United States

Hyun-Su Park, C-Single-WB, Oil on Canvas. Courtesy of the artist

September 4 – September 29 2012
Opening Reception: September 6, 5:30–7:30pm

Press Release:

The paintings of Hyun-Su Park are a stirring balance of active and still. His unique approach to the canvas allows him to interpret the flat surface as a dimensional structure. Using dripped, scraped and layered paint, he creates an image that surpasses the horizontal surface and gives it form and depth.

Park’s process begins with an expressionist foundation of complex drips of color both random and deliberate in application. This is covered with a layer of color which he then delicately scrapes away, exposing the intricate painting below. There is an explosive effect as the scraped fragments break through and hover above the surface. Through this multi-layer structure, he stretches out beyond the canvas and into our reality. This technique of contrasting multiple layers gives his pieces a mystical brilliance. A grandiose universe forms with flashes of color and light floating in space. Shapes both recognizable and ambiguous subtly interject splashes of color and illumination through openings in the canvas. These hints of exposed shapes have a dual effect of simplicity and complexity, sophistication and distortion. He stretches the limits of the canvas beyond conventional barriers and draws the viewer into what lies beneath its surface.

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