I’m Weiwei: Activism, Free Expression, Human Rights

When 2 Nov 2014 - 11 Dec 2014
Where Pacific Film Archive Theater
2575 Bancroft Way
Berkeley, CA 94720
United States
Enquiry (510) 642-1412

Film Program

Freedom is a pretty strange thing. Once you’ve experienced it, it remains in your heart, and no one can take it away. Then, as an individual, you can be more powerful than a whole country.”—Ai Weiwei

Though Ai Weiwei’s new art project, @LARGE, is on Alcatraz, he would be the first to admit no man is an island. A series in solidarity, I’m Weiwei addresses many of the issues that confront this great Chinese artist—basic human rights, free expression, incarceration, abuses of state power—but it does so by examining how an individual’s personal principles connect to a greater cultural good. A half-dozen innovative documentaries offer portraits of men and women who have found themselves actively engaged, whether in response to unexpected circumstance or as a result of a calculated allegiance to a cause. I’m Weiwei traces the many measures of commitment, from the artful activism of Steve Kurtz to the poetic resistance of John Trudell, from the rabble-rousing of Haiti’s Jean Léopold Dominique to the undaunted pacifism of Palestine’s Ayed Morrar. We also include the premiere of Ai’s own Appeal ¥15,220,910.50, a personal, heavily nuanced glimpse of his Kafkaesque tangles with China’s Taxation Bureau. Ai Weiwei once said “A life lived in silence is not a life.” This series looks at people who have made a big noise.

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