When 26 Apr 2014 - 27 Apr 2014
Where Columbia University
Room 115, Avery Hall
New York, NY 10027
United States

Opening Reception: Saturday April 26th, 6pm

An audiovisual installation by LIU Chang / MIAO Jing / GAN Jian
Organized by Sirui Zhang

“Infinite 115” is an exhibition experiment. In this experiment, a team of emerging artists will install their audiovisual installation “Infinite” in Avery Room 115. “115” is not only the room number but also the serial number of the experiment, which is the first attempt of a series of ongoing debugging activities that will take place in different venues.

“Infinite 115” is also a spatial replacement. It replaces two seemingly structural walls and the corner they enclose in Room 115 by projecting moving, non-structural, opened geometric shapes, thus questioning the existence and the formation of the space.


Observations on “Infinite” by LIU Chang

The idea of this work first came to my mind when I was visiting Dia:Beacon at upstate one year ago, where I encountered Sol Lewitt’s wall drawing series. When I saw those huge linear elements traced on the wall deliberately in graphite, I felt the weight but in a contradictory lightness. The linear elements are light, while the heaviness of the wall gives a pressure upon the viewer. The heaviness of the wall is overwhelming. Especially when I stood in front of a huge black wall with two transformed cubes, I felt a mysterious force which motivated me to go to this enigmatic shape. This contradiction continues in Lewitt’s Open Cube series, in which there are two walls that enclose a spatial corner, and a cube that belongs to both sides. The combination of the cube and the wall give me a driving force to be willing to be absorbed by the corner, but it exists in reality and would not allow me to enter.

When I talked about this experience to Miao Jing, he was very excited to discuss the topic of “Cube”. As a fundamental shape in geometry, it composed of six faces and 12 edges. It became more complex when we tried to locate a cube in a real interior space; the components of the cube would rise to 24 2-D right angles and 8 3-D right angular vertices. Meanwhile, the logic of the cube will extend to the shape of viewer. The 90° right angle does not welcome anybody nor resist. It is depressed, extended and infinite.

The experience is an encounter with a marvelous spectacle. Then the projection and the sound add up within the space interleaving. Infinite is a unique experience, or an atmosphere, like when one is immersed in a mountain, a waterfall or a cliff in infusive perceptions.

The geometric visual shapes and synthesized sounds express the same velocity and tactility. Then tension and force generated by the vision and sound deploy permanently. We compute the incomputable universe with couter and time. Artificial codes embody the universe and make it connected with us. Time, codes and the 81 Open Cubes of Lewitt compose the visual part of Infinite. There is neither end nor beginning to be found. Universe, time, code of machine and perception are all our concerns and are been pursuing infinitely.

Photo courtesy of the organiser/s

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