inToAsia: Time-based Art Festival 2013 – “MicroCities” Sound Performances

When 9 Aug 2013
Where Residency Unlimited
360 Court Street #4
Brooklyn, NY 11231
United States

Courtesy of Residency Unlimited.

August 9 2013, 6:30 – 8:30pm
Artist Talk: Friday, August 9, 8:30pm

An evening of sound performances presenting 4 new media artists from Asia:
PADA (Chiang Chien-Hsin+Liao Chien-Chiao) (Taiwan)
Samson Young (Hong Kong)
Wang Fujui (Taiwan)
Lin Chi-Wei (Taiwan)

Curated by Chen Wei-ching, Joanne and Lai Lih-huei, Josiane of inCube Arts.

“MicroCities” is one of three programs organized by inCube Artsin different venues across New York for the festival inToAsia: Time-based Art Festival 2013. At Residency Unlimited, a selection of Asia-based new media artists will present over the course of the evening an array of sound performances bringing together performance, sound visualization and kinetic installations. Viewers are invited to explore different sensory experiences, and embark upon a mental journey beyond their physical body.

Participating Artists and Featured Works:

Pas Encore II, by the PADA collaborative (Chiang Chien-Hsin and Liao Chien-Chiao): A performance-installation of audio-visual collages of lived sonic experiences of the everyday combining water, human bodies, digital sounds, new media and experimental moving images.

Pulse Radio II – Homage to Nicolas Collins (Debussy’s Arabesque No. 1), by Samson Young: Explores the compositional structure of classical music through elements taken from the human body/mind juxtaposed with  modern technology. Using heart rate monitors and computer programs, this audio piece simultaneously deconstructs and reconstructs classical music into innovative synthetic music.

TranSonic201 by Wang Fujui: Multiple parametric speakers and high frequency radio waves  create a tight, narrow beam of sound, building a mind-wandering experience out of the streaming and mixing of the broadcasted sound and the noise accompanying the speakers.

Sound Intestines by Lin Chi-Wei: A pioneer of Taiwanese noise music,  Lin returns to basic sounds originating from the human body. Along a 150-meter long text ribbon, the audience walks and chants in procession, forming an organic, rhythmical, and live sound synthesis of human voices and body movement.

About inCube Arts:

Based in New York City, founded by Chen Wei-Ching, Joanne and co-founded by Lai Lih-huei, Josiane, and Yumei Yang Durham, inCube Arts is an independent, non-profit organization dedicated to fostering new forms of cultural exchange and creative expression through a wide range of cultural activities.

About inToAsia: Time-based Art Festival:

Launched in 2013 in New York by inCube Arts, this is the first edition of an annual public event for New Media Arts. Conceived as a platform to investigate Asian time-based art and as a bridge with Europe and America,  inToAsia: Time-based Art Festival provides an Asian perspective through multi-disciplinary media including videos, shorts, animations, kinetic installations, and real-time sound art performances. Extending to Taiwan, China, Hong-Kong, Japan, Korea, India and Southeast Asia. inCube Arts aims to create a platform to brainstorm  avant-garde and experimental ideas under the auspices of a beyond-institution, trans-disciplinary and cross-continent juncture.

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