When 12 Nov 2019 - 16 Nov 2019
18 Wooster Street
New York, NY
United States

For Performa 19, artist Lap-See Lam will present Phantom Banquet, a multi-channel installation and performance piece informed by the language and hospitality rituals observed at Chinese restaurants in Sweden, like the one her family owned for many years in Stockholm. Using narrative storytelling, virtual reality, live music, and food, the work examines the relevance of imagined and metaphorical spaces and the complexity of cultural identity within the theme of diaspora.

Exploring technologies including 3D scanning, virtual reality and animation, Lam has systematically taken to document increasingly endangered old Chinese restaurants in Sweden. By preserving the legacy of these restaurant interiors, her work considers how myths, popular culture and fiction have the potential to control and construct notions of identity and belonging, weaving together the spirit of the Hong Kong-Chinese diaspora across the world and the value of cultural-historical heritage.

In this new work, Lam will guide viewers through a haunting four-part installation, beginning with a story set in 1978 in Stockholm of a girl who disappears through a mirror and into another dimension. Participants will be seated family style at a dinner banquet, and experience a narrative script with digitally-manipulated visualizations of real-life Chinese restaurants. A live musical performance accompanies the work, featuring vocals and instrumentals from Sweden and New York City. The work explores concepts around ghosts, moving bodies, becoming other, displacement and visuality.

Phantom Banquet is a continuation of Mother’s Tongue, 2018—a collaboration with director Wingyee Wu—a video installation where 3D film sequences transport the viewer on a journey across space and time. In three chapters that play out in the past (1978), present (2018), and future (2058), Mother’s Tongue tells stories that revolve around social, cultural, and technological clashes through fictive monologues by three generations of women, who speak of their experience of the restaurant and how it changes over time.

November 12 8:00 pm → 8:30 pm
November 12 9:00 pm → 9:30 pm
November 12 10:00 pm → 10:30 pm
November 13 8:00 pm → 8:30 pm
November 13 9:00 pm → 9:30 pm
November 13 10:00 pm → 10:30 pm
November 14 8:00 pm → 8:30 pm
November 14 9:00 pm → 9:30 pm
November 14 10:00 pm → 10:30 pm
November 15 8:00 pm → 8:30 pm
November 15 9:00 pm → 9:30 pm
November 15 10:00 pm → 10:30 pm
November 16 8:00 pm → 8:30 pm
November 16 9:00 pm → 9:30 pm
November 16 10:00 pm → 10:30 pm

Image courtesy of the event organizer.
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