Light in Dark Times: A Contemporary Art Symposium held by Asian Art Museum

When 16 Sep 2020
3:00PM - 6:30PM
200 Larkin St.
San Francisco, CA 94102
United States

Session II: Genealogies of Light

Light in Dark Times is a symposium that takes its cue from both contemporary art concerns with illumination and influential political philosopher Hannah Arendt’s meditations on the work of men and women who illuminate us in turbulent times.

The fruit of a collaboration between art historian Marina Pugliese and anthropologist Tarek Elhaik, Light in Dark Times is also a curatorial experiment building on the etymological registers of the term curation (cure, care, incurable).

Transparencies, reflections, shadows, flickers, blinding beams: light and darkness have historically been used in art both as aesthetic and conceptual tools. Indeed, art invites us to rethink various, interconnected traditions of philosophy, art, and science that promise, for better or for worse, both enlightenment and illumination.

3:05 PM | Welcome
3:10 PM | Program
4:15 PM | Break
4:25 PM | Keynote – Inner Sun
4:50 PM | Panel Discussion
5 PM | Q&A


Abby Chen
Head of Contemporary Art and
Senior Associate Curator
Asian Art Museum of San Francisco

Tarek Elhaik
Associate Professor of Anthropology
University of California, Davis

Mariko Mori

Akira Mizuta Lippit
T. C. Wang Family Endowed Chair in Cinematic Arts
University of Southern California

Laura Marks
Grant Strate University Professor
School for the Contemporary Arts
Simon Fraser University

Join us for Session I: Transparent Museums on Sep. 9.

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Image courtesy of the event organizer.