Ming Fay: New Works

When 27 Apr 2010 - 6 Jun 2010
Where Lesley Heller Workspace
54 Orchard St
New York, NY 10002
United States
Enquiry 212 410 6120

Ming Fay: New Works

Monkey Pot, 2008.  Courtesy of the artist and Lesley Heller Workspace NY

April 27-June 6 2010

Lesley Heller Workspace
54 Orchard Street
New York, NY 10002
Tel. 212 410 6120

Artist’s Statement:

I consider myself a scientist of sorts and my studio a laboratory. I continually research and collect natural forms that have specific symbolisms, usages and aesthetic intrigue. The artwork is an outgrowth of my inventory of seeds, herbs, bones and mysteries objects. In time I decipher some of their usages both metaphorically and literally and start to investigate new forms that I have heard about but never seen.

As I went deeper into the realm of symbolic plant forms that fulfilled human needs or desires, I started to invent and make my own discoveries of forms related to concepts of reproduction, rejuvenation and other human desires. These hybrid inventions while still realistic in form do not represent a specific natural species. They are often the result of a composite of characteristics and also contain personal and a collaged form of symbolism. This phase of my work utilizes all the knowledge gained from the earlier works, along with my re-interpreted and newly created forms. This group of works includes magical herbs, mythical flowers and leaves, skulls and bones, and deities.

In recent years, my work has focused on installations and the concept of a garden as a symbol of abundance, paradise and the location for the ultimate artificial utopian treasure jungle. The garden that I have created is a mindset where I cultivate imagined forms into a sculptural landscape. This landscape is a passage into the other layer of place. The aim is for the viewer to get engulfed in such a lushly strange magical place and question what is this all about.

For more information please visit www.lesleyheller.com.