Modes of Collaboration: Creative Technology Symposium V

When 19 Jul 2018
12:30PM - 6:00PM
Where Teachers College, Columbia University Macy Art Gallery (Macy Hall 445)
525 West 120th Street
New York, NY 10027
United States

The expansion of technology has infused STEM principles, engineering and scientific methods into the artistic process, blurring the boundaries between technology and art. This has also created new modes of collaboration among different disciplines and learning communities. Artists, makers, and researchers increasingly share expertise, interdisciplinary knowledge, and authorship. These new creative partnerships offer exciting opportunities to expand our own perspectives, but the entry point for these partnerships is not always readily apparent. The symposium explores the potential of education to bridge the gap between art and technology, bringing together disciplines and communities through new modes of collaboration.

Session One: Emerging Spaces – Collaboration in Making

Although remaining largely visual, art has expanded to include tactile, interactive and experiential modes of expression. Artistic collaboration has expanded as a result. As artists, educators, technologists, designers, scientists, human beings, how do we navigate new opportunities to listen to and learn from each other? How can we learn from humans, machines, codes, and objects in ways we haven’t imagined before?

Session Two: Collaboration with Machines

How can collaboration extend beyond the human to involve technological infrastructures and machines as we enter a new age of computing? How do we meaningfully partner up with artificial intelligence? How do artists and educators deal with the rapid influx of emergent technologies such as AR and VR? Where does computationality end, and what lies beyond? What relevance does this have for art and design classrooms and studio practices?


12:30-1PM Registration

1-2:30 PM Short presentations: 7 short presentations, 10 minutes each. The speakers from Session One will address emerging spaces enabling interdisciplinary collaborations mediated by technology. The speakers from Session Two will address various issues related to Human-Machine collaboration.

2:30-3PM Breakout Sessions: Each presenter would lead a small discussion in a separate room. Attendees could join any discussion freely. Feel free to go in and out of different discussions, while being mindful of the shared space.

3-3:30 PM Coffee Break

3:30-4:30 PM Workshops & Maker Sessions: Hands-on making sessions featuring technology as creative practices.

4:30 – 5 PM Plenary Session with Reports

5 – 6 PM: Macy Gallery Closing Reception – On Collaboration

7PM: Gallery Closed

Photo courtesy of the organizer/s.

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