When 31 Dec 1969

Non-Aligned: Yingmei Duan & Zhou Tao

Live Performances, January 30 and 31

Running time: Jan 30 – Feb 28, 2010

Marina Abramovic Institute West
575 Sutter St, SF, CA 94102
Curated by Jovana Stokic

MAI is proud to present Non-Aligned, an exhibition of two internationally renowned Chinese artists.  The exhibition’s title ironically evokes the term ‘non-alignment’, coined by Indian Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru within the Cold War political climate of the 1950s.  Nehru described five pillars to be used as a guide for Sino-Indian relations, which were first put forth by Chinese Premier Zhou En-lai.  The five pillar-principles were:

Mutual respect for the other’s territorial integrity and sovereignty

Mutual non-aggression

Mutual non-interference in domestic affairs

Equality and mutal benefit

Peaceful co-existence

Yingmei Duan is a member of the Chinese avant-garde.  Currently residing in Brunswick, Germany, she works in installation, video and performance.  Through her media, she explores the nature of the quotidian; of memory, fear, longing and dreams.  Her pieces often develop spontaneously as situational experiments.  She studied with Marina Abramovic at the HBK Braunschweig in Germany from 2000-2004.

Zhou Tao is a video artist.  Currently residing in Guangzhou, Zhou belongs to a generation of artists whose careers coincide with China’s rapid urbanization and industrialization.  His work illustrates displacement, uncertainty and subjective instabilities of contemporary identity.  His work at WAI will focus on his view of the ‘unknown city’ of San Francisco.

Marina Abramovic Institute was established to help preserve performance art and increase its audience. The institute’s goal is to inspire research, and to foster creativity and collaboration among an international network of artists whose work focuses on the performative as well as the conceptual. MAI West in San Francisco contains 13,000 square feet of experimental exhibition space. In addition to monthly shows featuring emerging and internationally recognized artists, MAI West will function as an educational forum, with a library and space to host artist workshops, conferences, and lecture series.