Paul Chan, “Publish to Perish”

When 28 Sep 2012
5:30PM - 7:00PM
22-25 Jackson Avenue at 46th Avenue
Long Island City, NY
United States

Detail of Badlands display table for the 2012 NY Art Book Fair. Photo by Nacho Vidal. Courtesy of Badlands Unlimited

September 28 2012, 5:30-7pm

Press Release:

The Contemporary Artists’ Books Conference is a dynamic, two-day event focused on emerging practices and debates within art-book culture. This year’s conference will feature keynote by artist-publisher Paul Chan.

Artist Paul Chan began publishing limited-edition books, e-books, and art works under imprint Badlands Unlimited in 2010. His questions about the viability of publishing will form the subject of this address, including: “Is publishing a form of addiction? What is a book? How is reading a book different than looking at art? Does light change the nature of what appears on paper and screen? How come I was served with a warrant for outstanding taxes? Why does running Badlands waste so much time and lose so much money? What does this have to do with pleasure?”

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