Pet Paradise

When 3 Jul 2020 - 8 Aug 2020
Where Fluff Fluff Space
926 Broadway #2C
Brooklyn, NY 11206
United States

Pet Paradise (2018-2020) is about an imaginary hospital where seven animal figures gather to conduct plastic surgeries. The installation shows the miniature structure of the hospital. On top of the hospital are a balloon, a piece of a sky, and a necklace made of bones, charcoal beads, and diamonds. Down below the miniature are candies with shiny black wraps and the other balloon that is tied with the one in the air. The metaphor of the necklace comes from a French short story called The Necklace By Gye de Maupassant. It was about how a woman spent all her life paying off the debt for a lost necklace which at last turned out to be fake. The Doctor’s computer is a database I created as the inner layer of this fable-like paradise. Viewers could enter this computer to see what’s happening with the patients there. (Database link: )

Just Another Normal Day is a two-part installation. One is a long piece of handwriting written in the duration of 24 hours. Every time I thought about food, I started writing. The text was mostly about food, body image, and my eating disorder. The other part of this work is a weight scale that had been painted all white. The Chinese characters on the scale were: “Either lose weight or die.”


Hana Zhang (China) is a visual artist, filmmaker and writer in Brooklyn. She graduated with an MFA in Advanced Photographic Studies from the International Center of Photography-Bard College, New York in 2020.

In her current project, Hana works with the notion of self-image, hierarchy of a master and a subservient, and male gaze, transcribing them through relatable allegories. Through stories, installation, animation, researches, data-base, video and writing, Hana interweaves multiple perspectives of fictional and documentary narratives. Her works are more like fragments, both from fact and fiction. They demand viewers to discover and make judgments. Hana has been the recipient of grand prize of Festival MAP Toulouse (2018), The Three Shadows Photography Award (2018) and the winner of PDN Exposure award(2017). Her works have been exhibited at Mana Contemporary, International Center of Photography, Museum of Moving Image, China, England, France, German and Spain.

She’s also the co-founder of of artist-run space Fluff Fluff.

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Image courtesy of the event organizer.