Ranu Mukherjee: Apparitions

When 14 Nov 2013
Where Gallery Wendi Norris
161 Jessie Street
San Francisco, CA 94105
United States
Enquiry 415.346.7812

November 14, 2013
Opening reception: Thursday, November 14, 6-8pm

Ranu Mukherjee’s forthcoming solo exhibition will feature large scale collage drawings and textiles that reinvent various picture-making languages in order to speak a visual creole. These works will incorporate a range of diverse source material from across time and distance, including international advertising media, cinema and Indian mythology, as well as depictions of physical objects such as cell phones, traditional textiles, and diamond jewelry. By drawing on a mixed aesthetic heritage, Mukherjee questions common preconceptions about global patterns of influence and makes explicit many connections between culture, economy, and matter- both human-made objects and raw materials alike.

Mukherjee recently began printing on silk sari fabric as a way to translate imagery from her hybrid films into a static form. These new textiles create moments where it becomes difficult to tell where the print ends and the fabric begins, pushing the friction between pattern and image, and simultaneously building and breaking down potential narratives. Together with the drawings, the works in this exhibition examine the possibility of an emergent, distributed body– an ecosystem of trade and aesthetic commerce– sustaining itself across generations of geophysical transformation.

By juxtaposing artifacts and imagery from the ancient past with those on the cutting edge of current technology, as well as by combining diverse cultural influences, Mukherjee will reveal surprising connections, and articulate an intimacy we all have with “otherness” across time and space, including that which can be found within ourselves.

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