Risham Syed: And The Rest Is History

When 31 Dec 1969

‘and the rest is history’: Risham Syed

Now though May 15 2010

Talwar Gallery
108 E16th St NY NY 10003
Tel. 212-673-3096

Press Release:

Risham Syed situates symbols of influence and the power of the past with those from contemporary Pakistani society, often creating ironic and provoking tableaux. Employing Victorian values instilled through her missionary schooling and from socio-cultural vestiges of the colonial past, Syed excavates the differences in class, gender, race and histories. The remains of cultural inheritance are examined to reveal the nature of their origins and their perceived authenticity in present day Pakistan. Risham Syed is an Assistant Professor at the School of Visual Art, Beaconhouse National University, Lahore, Pakistan.

About the Gallery:

Talwar Gallery is a contemporary art gallery focusing on artists from the Indian Subcontinent and its Diaspora. Underlying the gallery vision is the belief that the artist is geographically 
located not the art. Their desires to exceed expectations of 
locality, of self; to extract purpose and significance from their 
familiar environs, to create, these artists have renegotiated 
the borders and refuse to singularly site themselves or their 
work. Their search and their work traverse any simplified categorization based on geography, religion, culture or race.

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