When 1 Jun 2012 - 30 Jun 2012

June 1 – 30, 2012, 11:57pm – Midnight, nightly

Press Release:

EAI returns to Times Square in June to present Buoy (2008), Seoungho Cho‘s luminous tribute to the California desert, as a massive multi-channel installation on a monumental scale: the piece will be presented on fourteen of the Square’s iconic outdoor video signs—more than 36 screens and 63,500 square feet of screen space between 42nd and 47 Streets—simultaneously. This presentation of Buoy is part of Times Square Moment: A Digital Gallery, the ongoing public video project organized and presented by the Times Square Advertising Coalition (TSAC) and Times Square Arts, the public art program of the Times Square Alliance. Screening every evening in June, just before midnight, Cho’s visually stunning moving image work will turn Times Square into an immersive virtual canyon, surrounding the viewer with a Western landscape captured in motion, light, and digital transformation.

Seoungho Cho‘s Buoy, transformed into a multi-channel work for Times Square Moment, will flow across fourteen of Times Square’s monumental video signs simultaneously, filling the famous square with the golden, mysterious landscape of Death Valley, California. As the title suggests, Buoy reflects on the polar extremes of this desert, which was once the floor of a vast sea, now traversed by sight-seeing tourists. In contrast to the horizontal landscape, which floats ceaselessly past Cho’s camera, vertical “strata” pattern the imagery, creating an axis between natural landscape and Cho’s composition. Cho accumulated his Death Valley footage over several years; the vertical patterning further represents the collapse of this footage into what appears to be a continuous drive through the desert. The movement in Buoy will travel among the different-sized video screens in Times Square, mirroring the sophisticated rectangular spatial changes Cho created through choreographed overlapping video windows.

Lyrical and visually striking, the video works of New York-based Korean artist Seoungho Cho are distinguished by a unique confluence of complex image processing and sound collage. Resonating with a metaphorical sensibility, Cho’s single-channel videos and installations are formalist, almost painterly explorations of subjectivity and the subconscious.

Times Square Moment: A Digital Gallery is a new program presented by the Times Square Advertising Coalition (TSAC) and Times Square Arts. The initiative is a collaboration of the Coalition and the Alliance, with additional partners of participating sign holders and artists. Each month, the program will present a new work to be screened every day in a countdown to Midnight. The participating sign holders have committed to synchronizing their daily programs in order to open up an unparalleled space for moving image art in one of the most dynamic media landscapes in the world.

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