Speech Acts: Zainub Verjee

When 30 Jun 2021 - 28 Aug 2021
Where Centre A
205-268 KEEFER ST.

How do we perform action? Do words act? Do we act words? When do words fail us? These questions have always occupied Zainub Verjee’s work, which navigates the relationship between reality and language: the ability to consciously reflect on the nature of language, and the relation between language and other cultural factors in a society.

Speech Acts: Zainub Verjee is an excerpt of Verjee’s practice where language becomes the materiality of the form and its meaning. It represents her sustained and long-term engagement with the issues of resistance, activism, artist’s labour, and discourse making—speech, listening and writing.

The works in this exhibition also engage with how vocabularies are appropriated and redeployed into circulation. In the current times when there are explicit attempts to direct the discourse and stifling dialogue that reduces the social into a binary, how does one confront the methods and behaviours of speech? This exhibition foregrounds the relationship between language and voice, action and words, and the tension underlying these contestations.

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Image courtesy of the event organizer.