Sunroom Project Space: Duy Hoàng

When 15 Sep 2019 - 27 Oct 2019
Where Wave Hill
West 249 Street and Independence Avenue
Bronx, NY 10471
United States
Enquiry 718.549.3200

In the Sun Porch, Duy Hoàng creates a sculptural installation inspired by his research, material experimentation, and cultural upbringing. Hoàng uses paracords to suspend in the space a shelter made of a silkscreen print and drawing on Tyvek depicting imagery  of fauna and flora sourced from his 2019 Winter Workspace residency and relics of his childhood home. Investigating how we observe minute details around us, he bridges connections to the larger environment and our responsibility in the world. Hoàng  focuses on an inter-social ecosystem where humans and nature coexist. His installation explores topics of migration, scientific and natural histories, the potential of growth  and inevitability of decay through themes of home, preservation, memory and survival.

The title Interarboreal suggests the state of being between or among the trees, a concept Hoàng incorporates in his project. The floating A-frame tarp references a tent or nomadic home—a survival shelter. Its silkscreen exterior is laced with patterns made by the water-damaged wallpaper on the ceiling of his childhood home in Vietnam. Inside the shelter are Hoàng’s drawings of plant materials, including some found at Wave Hill and others from his grandmother’s garden, which have migrated with him over the years. Hoàng explains, “The garden’s health is in direct correlation to its caretakers, where they grow and decay with each other.”

As a Vietnamese immigrant, Hoàng seeks settlement and a prolonging of living moments. Through his time-based work which incorporates the decaying process, Hoàng reflects on notions of life and death, making connections to the life cycles of people and plants. The artist’s late father and grandfather received heavy concentrations of sunlight as a health treatment in a solarium—fulfilling a need not unlike that of plants’ need for light. Viewing his project as a coping mechanism, Hoàng’s process is therapeutic, exposing a private and vulnerable space.

SUN, SEPT 15, 2-4:30PM: Fall Exhibitions Reception

SAT, SEPT 28, 3PM: Meet the Artist

SAT & SUN, OCT 12 & 13, 10AM-1PM: Family Art Project: Compost Herbaria

Image: Duy Hoàng, Interarboreal, 2019, mixed media, natural materials,  paracords, silkscreen. Courtesy of the event organizer and the artist.

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