CFGNY (Concept Foreign Garments New York) | Surface Trend

When 24 Jun 2019
7:00PM - 9:00PM
Where Seward Park
Entrance on East Broadway and Jefferson St
New York, NY 10002
United States

CFGNY (Concept Foreign Garments New York) by Tin Nguyen Daniel Chew presents Surface Trend on June 24th at 7:00 PM in Seward Park.

On an archipelago in Vietnam in the South China Sea, the region’s first international airport recently opened to service a burgeoning global tourist industry and its luxury beach resorts sprouting along the coastline. Vacationers arrive for the weekend from Russia, Italy, China and elsewhere in Vietnam to ride the world’s longest ‘gondola’ (aerial oversea cable car) between a network of islands. The entrance to the gondola simulates ancient ruins displaced from some vague locality between early Rome or Athens. At the beach, statues of Tiki heads line the paths where crowds of Russian and English-speaking sunbathers slather SPF 70 to protect them from the sun. As the day wears on and the tourists begin to retreat, the vista of exposed skin gives way to a mélange of ordinary, daytime ensembles worn by local islanders who wade into the water fully clothed.

Surface Trend is our attempt at tracing this moment of contact. Inspired by the loud, colorful fabrics of our surroundings in both New York and Vietnam, the collection imagines a style that interprets a global undercurrent. How does the desire for a ‘modern look’ collide with the existing sensibility of a given locale? What is that excess that overwhelms the surface – a look that is placeless yet recognizable, foreign yet familiar?

Founded in 2016, CFGNY began as an ongoing dialogue between Nguyen and Chew on the intersection of fashion, race, identity and sexuality. CFGNY continually returns to the term “vaguely Asian”: an understanding of racial identity as a specific cultural experience combined with the experience of being perceived as other. CFGNY does not wish to represent what it means to be “Asian” in the singular; instead, it encourages the visualization of the countless ways one is able to be in the plural.

For the presentation of their third collection CFGNY has collaborated with Avena Gallagher (styling direction) and Gregory Miller (styling assistant); and with visual artists: Kiyoto Koseki & Stephen Kwok (choreography), Oto Gillen (photography), and Carissa Rodriguez.

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Image courtesy CFGNY.