Takahiko Iimura: Film Performance

When 23 May 2014
7:00PM - 8:00PM
Where Millennium Film Workshop
119 Ingraham Street (at Porter Avenue)
Brooklyn, NY 11237
United States

“Between 1963 and the 1970s, Iimura Takahiko, an experimental filmmaker and video artist, challenged conventional experiences of cinema by putting an emphasis on the performative aspect of film projectionthroughactivitieshecalled‘filmperformances’. The presentation below is a collection …which illustrates his inventive approaches”
-Julian Ross ‘Film Performances by Takahiko Iimura in the 1960s’, MoMA

This Is A Camera Which Shoots This (1980/1995) 5min.
As I See You You See Me (1990/1995) 8min.
Talking Picture (1981) 15min. Shadow-man (1994/2008) 8min.
Making An Audience (2006/2013) 12min.
White Calligraphy Performed (1967/2006) 8.5min.
a,i,u,e,o,nnAR Performance(1993/2013)14min.
Screen Play (1963/2014) with film IRO (1962) Live, 12min.

Photo courtesy of the organiser/s

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