The Bared Sound

When 4 Aug 2017 - 30 Aug 2017
Where Arts Center of Mississippi
201 East Pascagoula Street
Jackson, MS 39201
United States
Enquiry 601- 960-1500

The Bared Sound: A Symphony of Artists from Taiwan and Mississippi derives from the unique historical context and governance in Taiwanese society. Through various art forms and artistic expressions, the artists intervene in various times and spaces to enable interactions and communications with local communities. The art works not only explore the biopolitics of individuals and particular communities, but also allow artists to express their voices and ideas outward and upward, as if the energy of the sound creates a tiny crevice, like those commonly found in cement walls, and makes it a channel to speak to the viewer. The Bared Sound investigates how people, land, the environment, and ideologies connect with the state and society. Through this exhibition, dialogues and ideological thinking are able to be exchanged, proceed, and progress with local Mississippi artists. Sound, whether it is conveyed through audio or language, is an immediate way of expressing different cultures, which are inseparable from the association of body, labor, and life. In the process of framing works, the artists are the mediators, triggering the individual and ethnicity to self-express through singing, self-interpretation and storytelling, discussion, performance, and more. By playing the role of artist as a recessive cultural translator, the resonance and intimate voices of the bare sound are generated in the exhibition.

Chung-Fan Chang
Yi-Hsin Nicole Lai

Yu-Hsien Su
Hong-Kai Wang
You Don’t Know Me At All (Hsiang Ni, Zih-Yan Chiou, Guan-Ying Chen)
Yannick Dauby + Wan-Shuen Tsai
Guan-Jhang Chen
Sih-Chin Wu
Chung-Fan Chang
Allen Chen
Adam Farcus
Mark Geil

Photo courtesy of the organizer/s.