The Corners of the Sea

When 31 Dec 1969

The Corners of the Sea: Soo Kim

Julie Saul Gallery
535 W 22nd St, 6/F – Tel. 212.627.2410

Jan 15 – Feb 27 2010

Soo Kim’s new body of work, The Corners of the Sea, combines photographic portraits and landscapes to illustrate fluctuating levels of stillness and action.  Her recent bodies of work employ techniques that require cutting and layering prints to introduce areas of absence or disruption and to address issues of photographic transparency and the immediate consumption of images.  Born in South Korea in 1969 and now residing in California, Soo Kim has had three solo exhibitions with Sandroni Rey Gallery in Los Angeles and will be one of three artists including Catherine Opie and Jeff Chien Hsing Liao in a show on urban panoramas opening at the J. Paul Getty Museum in February 2010.   Soo received her MFA from the California Institute of Arts.