The Heroic Object

When 5 Apr 2014 - 11 May 2014
Where Parallel Art Space
17-17 Troutman Street #220
Ridgewood, NY 11385
United States

Opening: Saturday, April 5, 6–9pm

Parallel Art Space proudly presents The Heroic Object, a collection of works from Vincent Como, Joshua Johnson, Peter Lapsley, Raymond E. Mingst, Russell Perkins, Kara L. Rooney, Magdalen Wong, and Frank Zadlo that hone in on the art object, traversing realms from the mythic to the prosaic, deploying, by turns, allegory, commodity, manifesto, buried gold.

The classic stories of the ages tend to have, at their heart, heroes engaged in some form of movement. Whether it’s Ulysses’ ten year struggle to return home from the Trojan War, or Frodo’s mission to destroy an evil ring, or Jane Eyre’s striving to remain true to her interior convictions despite the push and pull of her exterior circumstances, the destiny of our heroes on the page is fulfilled via their movements within the story. Through the processes they undergo along their way, both Herculean and small, the development of our protagonist can be considered heroic in proportion to how much it teaches us about ourselves, warns us against our baser natures, and reflects our collective non quantitative “truths”.

Likewise it is an interest in the journey of the art object through creative action, the adventure of material across the influences of intention, environment, and time that is at the core of the grouping of artworks in The Heroic Object. Though necessarily divergent in their individual artistic aims, the artists assembled here have some specific item playing a central or supporting role in these artwork’s development and impression. In materials as disparate as petrified wood, tetragonal crystalline prisms, creased paper, and 24k Gold, these works and the objects within them have much to tell. Whether pointing toward the projected grandeur and myth of Modernist Form, or reframing our ideas on politics and historicity, or revealing the implications hidden within consumer goods and marketing, each work has a pivotal part to play in a myriad of aesthetic plotlines including those of the committed artist, the intrepid viewer, and the larger, unfolding narrative of art itself.

Photo courtesy of the organiser/s

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