The Living Need Light, and The Dead Need Music

When 25 Oct 2014 - 25 Jan 2015
Where UNO St. Claude Gallery
The University of New Orleans, 2000 Lakeshore Dr
New Orleans, LA 70148
United States

The Propeller Group and Christopher Myers, based between New York City, Los Angeles and Saigon, have encapsulated the elusive butterfly effect — the theory of “nonlocality” whereby two distinct phenomena affect one another across a vast expanse of space and time. The film, The Living Need Light, And The Dead Need Music, a phrase taken from a Vietnamese proverb, documents the funeral tradition of Saigon from the vantage of New Orleans: two cities, two cultures, mirroring each other from worlds apart. A cast of spiritual mediums, professional criers, and musicians guides mourners through a euphoric public ritual; their costumes and instruments are arranged here in a “shrine”. “One of the gifts of the Global South,” the artists say, is “this ability to be many things, many places at once.” Such a feat may seem absurd — but that’s part of the magic and the Einsteinian science: here, distance collapses to reveal “otherness” as no more than an optical illusion.

Photo courtesy of the organiser/s

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