Tiffany Sia: Slippery When Wet

When 1 Feb 2021 - 1 May 2021
Where Artist Space
11 Cortlandt Alley
New York, NY 10013
United States

Artists Space is pleased to present Tiffany Sia’s first institutional exhibition, on view in bifurcated forms in our 11 Cortlandt Alley space and online, to allow for greater access to the geographically-dispersed community of Hong Kongers throughout the world.

Slippery When Wet proposes a wet ontology of Hong Kong—a city in ongoing transfiguration shifting into an uncanny vision of itself. Hong Kong secretes, leaving a trail of ink, tears, humidity, logistic flows, and leaks. The works herein usurp these fraught channels to make the shortest distance between two places: between New York and Hong Kong; between Artists Space and Speculative Place (the artist’s residency program and project space on Lamma Island). Within the installation, an obsessive material accumulation suggests spectatorship, reading, and viewing as discursive sites between geographies. Emanating from the newly published Too Salty Too Wet 更咸更濕, the works on paper and in moving image propose a poetics across a multitude of temporal frames.

Artists Space hours are Wednesday – Saturday, noon to 6pm. To make an appointment click here.

As a thread of Tiffany Sia’s current exhibition, Artists Space presents A Road Movie is Impossible in Hong Kong, a weeklong, episodic live-streamed landscape film, broadcast daily by Sia from Lamma Island. Artists Space will be open during the hours of 6:30 – 7:30pm nightly, and the livestreamed transmission will begin around 6:30pm EST both in the gallery and on Artists Space’s website.

A Road Movie is Impossible in Hong Kong begins exactly at the moment of official sunrise in Hong Kong, broadcasting each day’s sunrise moment at a time when the sun has fully set in New York. The durational work marks the changeover back to daylight saving time, when New York and Hong Kong are in perfect time-zone antipodes. The schedule reflects as follows:

Sunday, March 14 @ 6:32 PM EST / Monday, March 15 @ 6:32 AM HKT Sunrise
Monday, March 15 @ 6:31 PM EST / Tuesday, March 16 @ 6:31AM HKT Sunrise
Tuesday, March 16 @ 6:30 PM EST / Wednesday, March 17 @ 6:30 AM HKT Sunrise
Wednesday, March 17 @ 6:29 PM EST / Thursday, March 18 @ 6:29 AM HKT Sunrise
Thursday, March 18 @ 6:29 PM EST / Friday, March 19 @ 6:29 AM HKT Sunrise
Friday, March 19 @ 6:28 PM EST / Saturday, March 20 @ 6:28 AM HKT Sunrise
Saturday, March 20 @ 6:27 PM EST / Sunday, March 21 @ 6:27 AM HKT Sunrise

Tiffany Sia is an artist, filmmaker and founder of Speculative Place. She is the author of 咸濕 Salty Wet, a series of anti-travelogues on smut, affect and history of Hong Kong. A chapbook, in the disguise of a vintage softcore porn magazine, it was published by Inpatient Press. Sia is the director of the short, experimental film Never Rest/Unrest, which screened as part of a retrospective in the Propositions program at Berwick Film & Media Arts Festival. She is also part of Home Cooking, an artist collective founded by Asad Raza, on which she contributes the performance and reading series Hell is a Timeline.

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Image courtesy of the event organizer.