When 8 Feb 2020 - 1 Mar 2020
Where WhiteBox Harlem
213 E 121st Street
New York, NY 10035
United States
Enquiry 212-714-2347

The word “cross” means so many in the language.

As a verb, “cross” refers to the notion that “to go across from one side of something to the other 1.” Just like this exhibition, which is the Chinese artist Ke Ming’s first solo show in New York City. Such a happening is not a coincidence. As a result of the world’s globalization and China’s rapid development together with the artist’s social concerns and mature artistic language, Ke Ming’s “cross” is unavoidable.

Cross aims to explore the key issues during the prompt development of China at large and the conceptual borders through Ke Ming’s creative ideas and contemporary art practices. The artist is keenly aware of society’s historical problems and the fierce collision of values. He raised the vital question: under the surface of all the social changes and economic developments, genetically, what happened to human’s legacies and civilizations?

Born in 1980, when China mainland was at the early stage of the reform and opening policy, Ke Ming is a member of his generation who has witnessed China’s exhaustive change. In 2005, Ke graduated from Oil Painting Department at the Hubei Institute of Fine Arts. Soon after, he was invited to the Akademie der Bildenden Künste München in Germany for further studies in art. It is worth mentioning that during Ke’s college years, he took off two years from school and spent one year working as a volunteer in a remote mountain area, and the other in China’s capital, Beijing. His experiences in different countries and regions and exposure to multiple cultures and living conditions have enriched the artist’s perspective looking at contemporary society from dynamic angles.

Image courtesy of the event organizer.

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