We Are All Cats

When 14 Jul 2014 - 16 Aug 2014
Where 3A Gallery
179 Canal Street #3A
New York, NY 10013
United States

Opening Reception: Monday, July 14, 6-8pm

The concept for “We Are All Cats” began one day when I was on an airplane, sitting across from a little boy. The flight was seven hours long, and the entire time he was deeply engrossed in an encyclopedic-style sticker book about animals. I was envious of the boy. I wanted that book. After I returned to New York I bought several of my own sticker books.

From them I learned that Lion is a cat. I was shocked. I had believed that he was a dog. His features make me think he is a dog. However, it turns out that most, infamous, beautiful beasts are cats. Cheetah is a cat. Cougar is a cat. Tiger is a cat. This revelation was the inspiration for my book “We Are All Cats.”

That book brought me another surprise: it was popular. Cats became a common topic of discussion among friends, and soon there were others eager to make cat-related work. From a little lion sticker there grew a large group show, featuring work by incredible artists with a variety of styles. The work ranges from video installations by Frank Stürmer, to paintings by Daniel Brant, to snap-shot photographs by Dan Graham that capture moments of discoveries made by cats.

In the corner of the gallery, sits a patient hunter, sculpted by Satoru Eguchi. The fur is quietly moved by the wind on this delicate paper sculpture, as the little cat stares dedicatedly ahead, absorbed in its private game of cat and mouse. Wineke Gartz, a versatile Dutch artist, has a small, quirky drawing series she created, inspired by google searches for “How to draw a cat.” Trevor Shimizu is showing small photographs of a cat dear to him.

The show is intimate, and fun. Each of the artists is a cat-lover, and the earnest enjoyment each artist takes from his/her subject fills the show with a delightful warmth. “We Are All Cats” is a wonderful fit for the cozy atmosphere of 3A Gallery.

Dan Graham, Daniel Brant, Frank Stürmer, Mieko Meguro, Satoru Eguchi, Trevor Shimizu, Waneke Gartz

Photo courtesy of the organiser/s

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