What can Souls feel?

When 2 Nov 2011 - 26 Nov 2011
Where Dib Gallery
547 W27th Street, Suite 533
New York, NY 10001
United States

Yang Yongsheng, Early Spring. Courtesy of the artist and Dib Gallery

November 2 – 26 2011

Opening Reception: November 2, 6-8pm

Press Release:

Benjamin Martins and Yang Yongsheng
Curators: Michelle Y. Loh and Angela Lam

Considered to be among the “New Generation” of Chinese figurative painters, Yang Yongsheng is one of a very few artists to earn a Ph. D. from the prestigious Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing . This is his first two-person exhibition in New York .

With exceptionally strong technical skill, Yong depicts landscapes and portraits infused with fiction and illusion. In the “Mountain and Tree” series, his adept use of light and unique compositional angles creates a poetic and solitary atmosphere. Yang’s work shares a philosophy with traditional Chinese landscape painting, in which emotion and representation are inseparable. “Red Dress” is from his 2006 series.  There, he investigates the subtle division between interior and public space.  Yang invites us to enter a world that lies between “the art of reality” and “the reality of illusion.”

Yang Yongsheng was born in Hebei Province , and currently works and lives in Beijing .  Yang has participated in numerous solo and group exhibitions in China , Canada , and the United States including the National Art Museum of China, and Christie’s, New York.

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