Working On It – Part One

When 22 Feb 2014 - 27 Apr 2014
Where Martina }{ Johnston
1201 Sixth Street, 2nd Floor
Berkeley, CA 94710
United States
Enquiry (510) 558-0993

Opening Reception: Saturday, February 22, 4-8pm

Martina }{ Johnston Gallery and Royal NoneSuch Gallery are pleased to announce “Working On It”, a two-part exchange exhibition in which the artists who run these alternative spaces create work about each other and their multiple roles as artists, gallerists, curators, educators, arts administrators, (list continues indefinitely…), and display the results in each other’s spaces. The new body of work created by each of the five artists represent widely variant responses to the initial prompt, yet they have in common portraiture, both abstract and literal, as well as various structured collaborations and methods of observation.

“Working On It – Part One”, presented at Martina }{ Johnston, features the artwork of Elizabeth Bernstein and Carey Lin, Co-Directors of the Royal NoneSuch Gallery, and Adam Thorman, Co-Founder of Loop Arts in Oakland.

Elizabeth Bernstein’s photographs use light and simple renditions of space and environment to give the viewer a visceral and felt experience that traverse a nuanced and emotional continuum. The images rely on a minimal yet intimate aesthetic that monumentalize and slow down the looking process thereby inviting the viewer to stay and linger.

Elizabeth is a photo based artist living and working in Oakland. She is currently visiting faculty at the San Francisco Art Institute in addition to being the Co-Director of Royal NoneSuch Gallery.

Carey Lin’s “Someone I know recently ate” is a series of visual responses to snapshots and brief descriptions of meals and snacks individually consumed by Farley and Indira and communicated via emails and text messages over the course of 6 weeks. The project investigates the significance of soliciting personal, yet mundane information from others as a source for art-making and explores new approaches to producing site-specific work based on this exchange.

Carey is a San Francisco-based visual artist, curator and arts administrator: by day she is also the Assistant Director at Southern Exposure, and on nights and weekends she co-directs Oakland’s Royal NoneSuch Gallery and Stairwell’s, a roving curatorial project with programs throughout the Bay Area.

Adam Thorman represents Farley and Indira and their home using equal parts abstraction and description. The gallery is full of minor light events found around the edges of the apartment, a result of the copious light streaming through the windows. Lush and emotional, these pieces speak to the mood of the place. Portraits of the gallerists are accompanied by murmuring audio that calls you around the house, and a live video feed of the kitchen is projected in the screening room, in essence erasing the wall and creating a voyeuristic viewing experience. Altogether the many pieces are meant to convey a whole sense of the house, combining absence and presence, past and present, all at once.

Adam lives in Oakland, makes photographs, and is interested in how plainly stated facts can be full of wonder. He teaches at the Athenian School and the Berkeley Art Studio at UC Berkeley.

Photo courtesy of the organiser/s

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