Wu Tsang & Alexandro Segade: Guilt For Shame

When 22 Aug 2013
Where Artist Space
38 Greene Street, 3rd Floor
New York, NY 10013
United States
Enquiry 212.226.3970

Still from Mishima in Mexico (2012), Wu Tsang and Alexandro Segade. Courtesy of the artists.

Performance: Thursday, August 22 2013, 7pm

Wu Tsang and Alexandro Segade present a live performance culminating from two days of intensive, private rehearsal at Artists Space : Books & Talks.

Guilt For Shame is a series of short scenes with 2-4 performers (including Tsang and Segade), which explores the subject of collaborative relationships (between artists, writers/directors, and other creative partnerships), and the inherent drama that ensues from working together. Themes of desire, jealousy, betrayal, and concealment are central to the story, which is told in a humorous and intimate style.

Their approach is based on the exhibition’s premise: Fassbinder’s 1970 film Beware of a Holy Whore, a backstage comedy about a film cast and crew who are cooped up in a hotel waiting for funding to come through to make their movie. Similarly, the performers will sequester themselves in the gallery for 48 hours of rehearsal—from the evening of Tuesday, August 20, until Thursday, August 22′s evening performance. Rather than romanticize the drug/sex-induced work environment of Fassbinder’s film, the artists are more interested in the effects of intentional endurance and intimacy. The final presentation will be a series of scenes from a screenplay in development by Tsang and Segade.

Guilt For Shame is one program in a series of evenings from Pride Goes Before a Fall/Beware of a Holy Whore – an exhibition in two acts.

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