When 2 Nov 2019 - 23 Dec 2019
Where Boers-Li Gallery
24 E 81st Street
New York, NY 10028
United States
Enquiry 917.472.7712

Opening: Friday, 01 Nov., 6-8 pm

artist will be present

special cocktails will be served, created by communication scholar Vincent Tzu-Wen Cheng

Boers-Li Gallery, New York, is delighted to present Xue Feng’s debut solo exhibition in the United States. Pictographs, opening on November 1, 2019, will feature the artist’s latest series of paintings. Expanding from Tales on Territories, his previous exhibition in Beijing from 2018, Xue Feng continues to negotiate the ambiguities between the pictorial and the formal, the figurative and the abstract in the context of re-imagining global geopolitics.

Xue Feng’s approach to landscape painting has always been a global one. Throughout his painting practice, the artist has negotiated two contending visual traditions. The first of these traditions is profoundly ingrained in the artist – traditional Chinese literati painting – where the landscape projects the conception of the universe, and ultimately the painter’s position within it; and the other, with Western landscape paintings where the tableau is a site of experience. Straddling both of these traditions, Xue Feng has been asking himself the question, “How should I construct an image of the landscape?” In order to do so, he had to develop a visual linguistic system for the canvas. The contouring of brushstroke, squeegeed color surfaces, and the erosion of paint on canvas found in all three series on view in this exhibitions - Image PictographBrushstrokes Aura, and Green - are visual devices Xue Feng has developed over the last decade, each derived from the artist’s interpretation of these two painting traditions.

In recent years, relocating his artist’s studio to the Pearl River Delta region, from the inland to a portal city neighboring Hong Kong, Taiwan, and the infinite archipelagoes in Southeast Asia, where the constant shifts in regional and global politics compelled Xue Feng to re-imagine a world of the unknown through painting. Unlike many abstract expressionist artists who aim for a subliminal experience through the landscape, Xue Feng’s approach to artistic expression is concrete, specific, and grounded in personal experience. For Xue, the form is what affords the object shape and structure, and the pictograph is a symbol that belongs to a pictorial system, or the simulacrum of reality.

Xue Feng (b. 1973), born in Zhejiang Province, currently lives and works in Shenzhen/Hangzhou. He studied oil painting at the China Academy of Art, Hangzhou and Dusseldorf Academy of Art, Germany. Best known for his dark atmospheric canvases, where dense layers of brushstrokes exude a somewhat unnerving sense of excessiveness and loss at the same time, Feng brings, in a challenging manner, together two of the most defining and opposing painting traditions: Chinese traditional landscape painting and experimental western modernism.

Image courtesy of the event organizer.

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