Zaun Lee: Borders

When 14 Mar 2013 - 1 Apr 2013
Where Coohaus
547 West 27th Street #307
New York, NY 10001
United States
Enquiry 1.201.390.3669

Zaun Lee, Cloud and its Shadow #2 and #4, 2008. Acrylics on wood panel, 38″ x 80″. Courtesy of the artist

March 14  - April 1 2013

Opening Reception: Thursday, March 14 2013, 6-8pm

Press Release:

Zaun Lee is a particularly strong abstract painter whose larger works might be seen as Asian scrolls; the artist was born and raised in Korea, also studying there for three years before she came to America to attend school.

About Zaun Lee’s artwork: In my works I investigate the relationship among individual elements of art making, its process to the completion of artwork, and the wholeness of it. I question how each element of artwork can maintain its own identity as a material (its shape, color, texture, etc.), and at the same time to become a part of the bigger picture of a complete work of art without conflicts in itself.  I am also interested in seeing the narratives forming amongst different elements in one work.  In doing so, I challenge the flat ground of the grid system of visual art.The focal point of my art is the grid.  The grid is a practical tool that has efficiently shaped our society in many ways.  The grid is also a composition of individual pixels in technology and internet media.  The challenge here is how the grid, a mathematic system of division and segmentation can simultaneously be a functional system of connection and unity when it embraces individualization, differentiation, multiplicities, and divergences.  I strive to look for a new form to expand the concept of the grid.

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