Zhong Biao Reflected on Air

When 7 May 2011
Where Frey Norris Contemporary & Modern
161 Jessie Street (at New Montgomery)
San Francisco, CA 94105, CA 94105
United States
Enquiry 415.346.7812

Zhong Biao, Blank Pages, 2011, acrylic on canvas, 110 x 79 in. Courtesy of the artist and Frey Norris Gallery

May 7 –

Gallery Reception: Saturday, May 7, 2011 4:00 – 7:00 PM

Press Release:

Reflected on Air is Zhong Biao’s second solo show with Frey Norris since his American debut in 2007. This exhibition will showcase ten paintings which display a sensibility tied to inventive ideas around our experience of time. Biao’s vision embraces a simultaneity of time, past, present and future, and the iconography projects something of both the transcience of chronological time and its transcendence, all at a frenetic and celebratory pace.

Biao’s imagery has been reproduced around the world in publications such as the Economist and in conjunction with events, including the recent 2010 World Cup. Mirage, a 13 x 60 foot multi-panel painting, installation of mirrors, video and sound, for the Denver Art Museum’s Embrace exhibition (2009), responded thoughtfully to Daniel Liebeskind’s design of the galleries, spatially resembling shards of quartz crystal. His installation in Shanghai to inaugurate the 2010 World Expo attempted nothing less ambitious than to loosen the pull of gravity on visitors immersed in a dark nimbus of video projections, mirrors and recessed paintings. Biao lives in Beijing and has been consistently exhibiting his work around the world for more than a decade.

A 20-page catalogue is available with an essay by Maya Kovskaya. Maya Kovskaya is an essayist, curator, and art theorist based recently in Beijing and now in New Dehli.