Zhou Tao, After Reality | Bar Laika

When 25 Jul 2019
9:00PM - 10:00PM
Where Bar Laika
224 Greene Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11238
United States

Join us for a screening of Zhou Tao’s After Reality (4:21 minutes, 2013), presented by Nikita Yingqian Cai.

Shot in Guangzhou and Paris, After Reality is characterized by its translocal ambiguity. In the abandoned, suburban areas located between cities, people plant trees and vegetables, mixed in with weeds and shrubbery. Under the intercity overpasses, wildly overgrown vines and vegetation have completely covered dilapidated walls and tightly wrapped themselves around the land. In a river that has almost been flooded by water hyacinths, a group of Dragon Boat rowers start their mornings with physical training. While the concealed, imperceptible traces of time reveal themselves as riddles, impromptu assimulation with the environment were at times enacted in proximity of the daily reality.

Through bodily improvisation and editing, the temporal-spatial narrative of the film becomes misleading, as if the winter Paris and subtropical Canton swapped seasons and were located at the same latitude. With the human bodies merging with the disappearing nature framed by urban infrastructures, Zhou Tao challenges the subject-object duality by revitalizing the rituality of vernacular actions.

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Image: Zhou Tao, After Reality (still), 2013. Image courtesy of the artist.