Documentary Persistence: Human Affair, Ways of Living, and Crises

cover of Documentary Persistence: Human Affair, Ways of Living, and Crises

“It was my good fortune to have the opportunity to curate Nho Wonhee’s solo exhibition. She has observed society, her daily life, and her art practice with remarkable insight, and she has consistently and calmly conveyed her piercing gaze to us. Through the media of painting,  Nho has expressed delicate  compassion and sympathy for the weak in society that are sacrificed because of social irrationalities; at the same time, she has grappled with the proper means with which to accurately accuse and document in an irrational reality. Who is feminist artist in the sense that she uses her own voice to speak about the unjustified violence and discrimination that are inflicted upon  the voiceless. In my opinion, Nho’s sensibility as a feminist is revealed in her works in her courage and her distinct willingness to take action that allow her to precisely point out and inquire about “what is wrong” at a critical moment while empathizing with the agony of the weak. I learned about life standing beside her and observing her – a remarkable artist who resists loosening the tension of self-examination as she contemplates the diverse lives of the world.” – Sunghee Lee