From Postwar to Postmodern, Art in Japan, 1945-1989: Primary Documents

From Postwar to Postmodern, Art in Japan 1945—1989: Primary Documents offers a panoramic look at more than four decades of Japanese art, both as it unfolded and from the perspective of the present day. The anthology brings together artist’s manifestos, critical writings, and other key primary documents from the postwar period (many of them translated into English for the first time) that discuss a range of artistic mediums—including photography, film, performance, architecture, and design—as well as their various points of convergence. Interspersed throughout the volume are newly commissioned texts by contemporary scholars that contextualize and supplement the primary materials. The collection is organized chronologically and thematically to highlight individual works, artists’ groups, movements, and publications, such as the pioneering collectives Gutai and Hi Red Center, the influential photography periodical PROVOKE, and the emergence of video art during the 1980s. From Postwar to Postmodern, Art in Japan 1945—1989 is an invaluable critical resource for students, scholars, and others who wish to learn about avant-garde art in Japan after World War II.

‘This volume is part of MoMA Primary Documents, an ongoing publication series by the International Program of The Museum of Modern Art that makes crucial art historical writings from regions outside the United States available in English. Paperback. 464 pages; 100 color illustrations.’ (from website of Museum of Modern Art)

Includes sections called ‘In Focus’ written by contemporary scholars to contextualise the texts, a postscript and a chronology compiled by the editors.