Martha's Quarterly Issue 29, Fall 2023: Whereon by a thorn

Martha’s Quarterly, Issue 29, Fall 2023, Whereon by a thorn was produced using black and white and single-color photocopy, digital printing, and silkscreen. Georgia and arial fonts were used in various sizes and styles throughout. The cover paper is 80 lbs text weight, and the internal pages are 20 lb text weight. The limericks and illustrations are sourced from The Book of Nonsense by Edward Lear (1846). The text on the internal pages was written by Aniket De in his book, The Boundary of Laughter. The map and images on the cover and the images on the internal images were sourced from The Boundary of Laughter. Aniket De has granted permission for the use of his work in this publication. This issue was designed and edited by Tammy Nguyen with additional editing from Holly Greene. Production was led by Holly Greene with assistance from Daniella Porras, Chance Lockard, and Spencer Klink.