Serving Suggestion

Serving Suggestion is a biannual magazine reading into culture through food—serving up stories and other pieces on our connection with what we consume through multifarious perspectives. We celebrate the idiosyncrasies in how we take certain dishes or drinks, whether we like our noodles firm or soft, our eggs fried or boiled, or our avocados in a dessert or a sandwich.

Serving Suggestion issue #01)

To consume is perhaps as fundamental an act as it can be. Following crying, it is the first thing we do after birth. Eating and drinking are something we do everyday—sometimes mindfully, other times absent-mindedly—yet the ways in which the act enriches our lives go far beyond mere nourishment.

Serving Suggestion’s first issue begins with food as a medium of expression. In the last decades, we’ve seen how food becomes both more complex and nuanced, personal and social, a political subject and an everyday affair, embedded into memories both happy and sad, a representation of ideas from the past and ideas that are yet to come.

In the following pages, we are excited to present pieces that explore food in different contexts. Aftertaste highlights our personal connection with food through memories, told in six stories from contributors across the globe. Sharing Table translates tabletop conversations over dinner into a written form. In this issue, we are joined by Arin Sunaryo who shared about his deep appreciation of food, the connection between food and his art, and his favourite places to eat—as we have dinner in one of them. Elsewhere, ‘Fungal Encounters’ takes us foraging for mushrooms through urban areas and beyond.

The significance of food throughout different stages of life is explored in reference to Shakespeare’s As You Like It in ‘Rasa Fantasi (‘Don’t Cry Rice’) – Food, Performance, and the Future’, where each stage is related to different works of art. From Berlin, sōydivision penned a write-up on their artistic collaboration with Pei-Ying Lin, which incorporates viruses in culinary experiences.

‘What Shapes a Food Culture? A Case Study of Sundanese Cuisine’ delves into the changes of its titular food culture. In ‘It’s Not Rice But Better’, the subject of food sustainability is explored through alternatives to our staple food. Corners of the nation’s capital are visited through a list of things to taste, smell, and hear in Directory.

On the subject of drinks, ‘Drink It While It’s Hot’ examines the changing flavours of various coffees as their temperature drops. In Recipe, we present a comforting cocktail recipe you can make at home.

The dynamics of food is something that has always been of interest to us—it’s exciting, all-encompassing, and impactful. While we’re wading through the waters in our first issue, we hope you’ll continue to join us in this exploration. – Further Reading Press