Shamans and Dissent

cover of Shamans and Dissent

This exhibition catalogue was published on the occasion of the exhibition ‘Shamans & Dissent’ from July to November 2013 in Hong Kong. The exhibition is an extension of the 2011 West Heavens Artist Dispatch project, as a platform for the exchange of culture and ideas between India and China. It also carries forth West Heaven’s core task of re-examining the culture and thinking of Asian modernities.

‘The Artist Dispatch project is a small experiment that give artists complete freedom to use their own individual approaches and perceptions to engage with each other’s worlds. These artists are both travelers and spirit mediums, using their own unique means to discover and experience a new territory, and at the same time using their encounters to energize and stimulate their own psyches.’ (excerpt from Preface by Chang Tsong-Zung)

The catalogue contains works by the various artists under the project, in the form of paintings, photography, installations and other media.

Includes essays, artist interviews, artist biographies, curator biography and contributor biographies.