Where in the World

cover of Where in the World

‘This exhibition explores contemporary Indian art’s relationship with the world – the art-world as well as the world beyond the art-world. Contemporary art from India has ‘gone global’ in the past decade. Opening out to the world brings new influences, opportunities, audiences, forms of circulation and means of production. Has this shift in Indian art’s place in the world affected the art? Does the expansion of the viewership change the way the artist addresses audiences? Has the need to stand out in an ever-larger crowd affected the scale and look of the art? What forms does an engagement with local contexts take? In short, what has globalisation meant for contemporary Indian art? These are some of the questions that this exhibition addresses.’ – Kavita Singh

Artist biographies are provided in the present catalogue. With a chronology of major art events that took place in India from 1992 to 2008.