At Six and Seven

May 19, 2022 – July 9, 2022
Ulterior Gallery

424 Broadway #601
New York, NY

Photo by Benjamin Moskowitz. Image courtesy of event organizer.

Photo by Benjamin Moskowitz. Image courtesy of event organizer.

Ulterior Gallery is pleased to present At Six and Seven, a group exhibition of works by fifteen artists. Artists included are: Maryam Amiryani, Robert Beck/ Robert Buck, Keren Benbenisty, George Bolster, Camel Collective, Douglas Goldberg, Yasuo Ihara, Takashi Kunitani, Margaret Meehan, Zai Nomura, Mamie Tinkler, Sarah Tortora, Gaku Tsutaja, Carrie Yamaoka, and Minoru Yoshida.

The world seems to be in disarray and we are in a confusing time. In Richard II, Shakespeare wrote, “All is uneven, And everything is left at six and seven.” As we move from our sixth to our seventh year, Ulterior has chosen to dive into the chaos to see what is beyond—to reach beyond others’ expectations and to embrace an ulterior future.

Employing a broad range of conceptual and material approaches, these fifteen artists represent the breadth of the gallery’s exhibition history, as well as the founder’s vision. What began as a tiny space to show work has evolved into a fully-fledged program—one that has embraced the unknown. That has allowed Ulterior to take risks, and present the unexpected.