Here After

May 7, 2022 – July 30, 2022
Bridge Projects

6820 Santa Monica Blvd
Los Angeles, CA

HERE AFTER, Exhibition view at Bridge Projects, Photo: Robert Wedemeyer.

HERE AFTER, Exhibition view at Bridge Projects, Photo: Robert Wedemeyer.

Bridge Projects opened Here After to showcase the work of 37 artists exploring various religious or metaphysical positions, suppositions, or questions. Five main thematics frame the exhibition. “Here and in Heaven” offers works of art where paradise in some form appears in this life as a glimpse of what is to come. “Here to Remember” explores remembrance of the dead through distinct traditions that engage tangibly with ideas of the afterlife. “The Architecture of After” presents artists who involve the physicality and “placeness” of heaven in their work. “Between Here and After” accounts for distinct visions of heaven where prophets and visionaries pass images and messages back and forth between this world and the next. And finally “Hereafter and the Unknown” provides a place for the mystery, the profound unknowability of God.


Alberto Aguilar, Farkhondeh Ahmadzadeh, Lynn Aldrich, Afruz Amighi, Andrea Büttner, Jeni Spota C., Claire Curneen, Mercedes Dorame, James Elaine, Maja Lisa Engelhardt, Belu-Simion Fainaru, Amir H. Fallah, Vanessa German, Alastair Gordon, David Wallace Haskins, Bonita Helmer, Gyun Hur, Zarah Hussain, Kate Ingold, William Kurelek, Olga Lah, Beth Lipman, Greg Lookerse, Regina Mamou, Kris Martin, Tatsuo Miyajima, Jordan Nassar, Tuan Andrew Nguyen, Master Shen-Long, Stanley Spencer, Linnéa Gabriella Spransy, Charwei Tsai, Mandy Cano Villalobos, William Villalongo, Patty Wickman, James Wines, Xu Zhen®