Invisible Sculpture on Wheels by Yeseul Song

September 18, 2021
The Six Foot Platform

Washington & Water St.
Brookyln, NY

Image courtesy of the event organizer.

Image courtesy of the event organizer.

Presented at The Six Foot Platform, an experimental residency located at the intersection of Washington & Water Streets, by Brooklyn Arts Council and Dumbo, Brooklyn.

Can you trust something that you can’t see? When an object does not have a form but is perceivable, does that object “exist”? What if there is an art object that can be “seen” by senses other than vision?

Invisible Sculpture On Wheels an experiential multi-sensory sculpture installed on a cart. The sculpture isn’t visually discernible, yet has a spatial form and occupies space. The viewer can perceive the sculpture through sound feedback that responds to their hand gesture and movement. As the sound changes, the audience senses the boundaries of the sculpture’s form.

After the experience, they’ll be invited to make physical versions of the sculpture using a handful of clay (individually wrapped to avoid Covid concerns). The “visible” sculptures made by the participants will become a collective perception of the invisible sculpture celebrating individual differences and diversity of human perceptions while questioning the idea of “normal” and “truth”. Will everyone see the same sculpture?