June 10, 2022
6:00 pm – 8:00 pm
Helena Anrather

132 Bowery
New York, NY

Image courtesy of event organizer.

Image courtesy of event organizer.

Helena Anrather is delighted to announce an exhibition curated by Simon Wu titled Victoriassecret, based on an eponymous essay about Wu’s relationship to his parents’ stuff, contemporary art, and “Asian American” identity. Presented in three parts, the exhibition brings together artworks, personal objects from his parents, and a new essay to explore “the emotional landscape of class aspirationalism”––how the things that we value (and want to value) shape our sense of identity.

The exhibition features artworks and contributions from Stewart Uoo, Maggie Lee, Ken Okiishi, Maia Ruth Lee, Judy Chung, CFGNY, and Christine Jung. In the first section of the exhibition, titled “For Everyone,” Wu considers the different kinds of tastes that he has come to navigate, from Myanmar, to New York, to his home in Richboro, PA. This is the space between Wu’s Telfar bag and his mother’s Victoria’s Secret bag. In the second section, titled “Empty Orchestras,” he reflects on the experience of cleaning out his parent’s garage by bringing together artists who also consider the “unwanted inheritances” they may receive from their parents or their identity. In the final section, “Dancing On My Own,” Wu has fun, and thinks about all of the love in his life.