Women on Making at WhiteBox

October 3, 2022 – October 28, 2022

9 Avenue B
New York, NY

Curated by Masa Hosojima.

Art making is molded by various elements such as gender, racial, geographical differences and the current zeitgeist. Art-making also has a latent code of progression, refinement and improvement to which artists are unconsciously habituated. If that may be the way of art making, these artists are “Making” against the flow, or against the overflow. These artists have a different points of view about the “Making” process; they make to stop, they make to deactivate, they make to slow down and they make to ignore. 

Zorica Colic makes a highly conceptualized body of work which may be called “Interventions.” Multi-skilled Kim Connerton amplifies transparency and humility in her making. Sculptor Tamiko Kawata reclaims discarded materials in her array of works. Wendy Miller assembles vibrant paintings into conversations inviting the viewer to find connection within disconnection, Linda Mary Montano recalls spiritualism. Sound artist Dafna Naphtali treasures “opportunities” that she encounters and loves to improvise. An innovative choreographer, Maho Ogawa minimizes and freezes movement. Feminist artist/historian/archivist Yohanna M. Roa is grounded in localisms. These key words reflect their intentions: Intervention/Humility/Recycle/Geological Time/Spiritualism/Opportunities/Improvising/Minimum/Localism. “Making” seemingly does not necessarily mean advancing, progressing nor evolving for them. They confirm, so to speak, that “Making” is an absolute active bodily perception.

These artists will be showcasing their works and at the end of the exhibition, a panel discussion will take place based entirely on their “Making” process.

This is exhibition is supported in part by McGraw-Hill.


Saturday, October 8

7:00pm. Opening Performance by Yohanna M Roa: “Textile Woman”

7:30. DOCUMENTA 15″ U.S. Première directed by Wolfgang Lanzenberger

8:00 pm. Live performance by Dafna Naphtali with Maho Ogawa


Friday, October 21, 3-6 PM

Linda Mary Montano: “Art Counseling Event” (One at a Time).

Bring a question about your Art and Life. 1-5 minutes


Saturday, October 22, 5:30 PM

Artists’ Public Panel Discussion moderated by Masa Hosojima

Followed by Linda Mary Montano’s “Group Chicken Dance”